Worst Double Date with Maddie and her Ex Boyfriend CrushI | Rebecca Zamolo

Worst Double Date with Maddie and her Ex Boyfriend CrushI | Rebecca Zamolo on The GameMaster.com

Will Rebecca Zamolo trick Matt so Maddie can finally have her first kiss?

After ignoring Rebecca Zamolo for 24 hours to reveal a secret on her camera roll, Maddie’s ex boyfriend crush Robbie Rob asked her out on a first date. Matt and Rebecca were going through Maddie’s crush camera roll to find truth for 24 hours and it revealed the game master spy is a liar. The Game Master network competed in last to leave pool wins 10,000 challenge and lost against Connor. Now Rebecca decides to trick Matt and set up a double date with Maddie and Robbie Rob. Rebecca has a big surprise to Matt’s birthday but must keep it a secret. It becomes the worst date when Matt realizes Rebecca is pranking him and they do a last to leave the tiny boat wins. Matt sends her cousin’s crush home but he sneaks into the boat. When Matt goes shopping for snacks he gets a bunch of pranks to get Rebecca back for all of the tricks she did. When they finally stop for lunch on the brand new boat Robbie Rob reveals himself from the best hiding spot. Everyone does a tik tok and Matt puts toilet paper on Maddie which is embarrassing. Rebecca’s cousin throws Matt into the lake. When Rebecca and Matt realize that Maddie and Robbie Rob snuck away onto a private raft, Matt starts going fast. Who will be the last to fall off the floatie. When everyone gets back on the boat they realize the keys are lost and no one’s phone works. How long will they be trapped on the lake? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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