We Tested Viral Tik Tok Tricks and Life Hacks to Reveal Maddie’s Crush Secret! Best TikTok wins!

We Tested Viral Tik Tok Tricks and Life Hacks to Reveal Maddie’s Crush Secret! Best TikTok wins! on The GameMaster.com

The best Rebecca Zamolo tik toks in 2020 are used to reveal the name of the mystery youtuber.

Rebecca Zamolo was eating only one color food challenge for 24 hours and it was a bad idea. Then Matt and Rebecca tried copying my best friend for a 24 hours challenge and did a face reveal on a new twin crush. Before that, the Game Master network competed in an extreme bite, lick or nothing food challenge to get truth about the RHS. Now, Matt has a secret meeting with RZ twin at the tunnel and she tells him the game master is bad. Rebecca and Maddie start tricking Robbie Rob using viral tik tok tricks to help him get his memory back. To make the best Rebecca Zamolo tik toks she uses a water bottle magic trick and he begins to draw. Her cousin Maddie tries a water balloon tiktok challenge and if he wins he gets a first kiss. Next they test some DIY life hacks and Rebecca tries a giant watermelon hack with soda. Robbie Rob draws a YouTube logo and a mystery youtuber. Then, Maddie and her crush test spy hacks with black light clues and escape being locked up. Rebecca and Maddie trick Robbie Rob and push him into the pool to get a name reveal of the drawing. He says the youtuber is contortionist Sofie Dossi so Rebecca calls her. What secret information do you think Sofie will reveal? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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