Spying on Matt’s First Date with Ex Best Friend for 24 hours! (New Clues of Maddie Missing)

Spying on Matt’s First Date with Ex Best Friend for 24 hours! (New Clues of Maddie Missing) on The GameMaster.com

Does Matt have a first kiss on a date with mystery best friend?

Rebecca Zamolo realized her cousin Maddie is missing and was taken from fairy tale cottage during secret twin ceremony. Matt and Rebecca then went on a giant scavenger hunt to find Maddie who is still missing but the queen of gems has her. The Game Master network competed in last to leave facetime wins challenge at the lake of secrets to keep us safe while searching for Maddie. Matt has been acting suspicious so Rebecca decides to spy on her husband for 24 hours. She spies on him going on a first date with a mystery girl and they are flirting. It almost turns into a first kiss until her ex-boyfriend chases her away. Before she can confront the mystery girl Rebecca runs into Zoe who has information about her missing cousin Maddie. Matt in the meantime escapes to run into Mr X. At that time Zoe’s boyfriend is now chasing Rebecca and her ex best friend Zoe. They spy on Matt and Mr X who have a secret meeting to reveal he needs the reactivator of his brother the Game Master. Rebecca goes in disguise as a bird watcher and steals a card that fell out of Mr. X’s pocket. This mystery card might reveal missing information to see what the big secret plans are of Mr X and the Queen of Gems. Zoe escapes and goes missing so Rebecca decides to follow Matt and finally confront him. He is meeting with the mystery girl again. Rebecca surprises them and it turns out to be her best friend Zoe. Can Rebecca trust her husband Matt? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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