RZ Twin Hypnotized Maddie’s Ex Crush! Spending 24 hours in 50’s Diner | Rebecca Zamolo

RZ Twin Hypnotized Maddie’s Ex Crush! Spending 24 hours in 50’s Diner | Rebecca Zamolo on The GameMaster.com

Rebecca Zamolo created a giant smurfs movie in real life for a name reveal of the mystery man. Then right after that Matt and Rebecca did a face reveal of Robbie Rob by testing who had the better hacks. The Game Master network tried tricking Maddie’s ex crush boyfriend to help get Connor back and trapped RZ twin. Now, Rebecca and Matt must get the final devices inside the realms to reverse the switch up. Since RZ Twin is handcuffed in Maddie’s room they each take turns getting information from her about the game master. Using the portal jumper we arrive in a 1950’s diner. In the 50’s diner we must solve clues and riddles to find the mystery device. We see a mug with a customer and must do a tik tok challenge to make him laugh for it. We get him to smile but no device is inside so we must try the tip jar with the cashier. The cashier wants to do a hot food vs cold food challenge to win $10,000. First to finish wins the prize. Matt is the first to lose but Rebecca saves the day and wins. When they look what’s inside the cup they see nothing but cheap money. The final challenge is the play the right song. Rebecca leaves to confront RZ Twin and makes sure she doesn’t escape or hypnotize anyone. Matt, Maddie and Robbie Rob all look for clues to solve the mystery. Maddie found the clue first and all three figure out they need to play the right song. When it plays the entire diner turns evil. Can they escape before they are trapped for 24 hours? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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