Rebecca is Trapped! 24 Hours inside Realm Reveals True Identity of Queen and Best Friend

Rebecca is Trapped! 24 Hours inside Realm Reveals True Identity of Queen and Best Friend on The

Rebecca Zamolo made Matt jealous of Rebecca’s new best friend while spending 24 hours as queen and king. Matt and Rebecca were emotional when Connor leaves Game Master network after 24 Hours searching goes wrong. The Game Master network competed in the 5 steps forward challenge with funny tricks and secrets. Rebecca is missing and everyone is searching for her inside her house. They decide to use the portal transmitter to go inside the realm and save her. Rebecca meets a new best friend named Lazar and they must hide and seek to hide from Mr. X’s army. It turns into a chase and they find the best hiding spot. Daniel convinces Maddie and Matt to visit the Queen of Gem’s sister who can help find Rebecca in 24 hours. The best friends arrive at a tea party and the boys get tricked into drinking lie detector mixture. Maddie doesn’t trust the Queen’s sister and wants to reveal her true identity. Maddie thinks she might be bad. Lazar reveals that her best friend Orion is working for the queen. The QOG is beautiful and strong which is opposite of how Rebecca remembers her from the giant wedding. When Rebecca tries to save them she spy’s on a secret meeting and they are going to try to trap Rebecca and her friends. Before Rebecca can do anything Mr. X shows up and everyone is trapped for 24 hours. Who is going to help Rebecca save them? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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