Rebecca is A Wedding Planner in Disguise for Queen to Rescue Maddie from Fairy Tale Castle!

Rebecca is A Wedding Planner in Disguise for Queen to Rescue Maddie from Fairy Tale Castle! on The

Rebecca Zamolo was spying on Matt’s first date with ex best friend for 24 hours to get new clues of Maddie missing and doesn’t think she can trust her husband now. To regain her trust, Matt says yes to everything Rebecca says for 24 Hours which was a bad idea. The Game Master Network then competed in the last to leave facetime wins challenge to find Maddie missing and she has left clues and riddles for us to solve. Now that Rebecca is secretly planning the wedding for Mr X and the Queen of gems she needs a disguise. Rebecca and Matt speak with Daniel who has a story time explanation that there might be a portal in the fairy tale castle. Maddie is definitely hidden in a secret room as well. Daniel, Matt and Rebecca come up with the plan to spy and find out as much information as possible and meet Zoe at the Castle. Daniel reminds Rebecca that one is a traitor and two will go missing. Can we trust Matt? When they get to the castle in disguise Zoe meets them and starts planning spying cameras using ninja gadgets. Rebecca and Matt meet with Mr X and start planning the wedding. Matt sneaks up and starts searching for Maddie but runs into the Queen of gems. They set up the candy station and cake tasting area and Matt goes to the roof of the castle. Rebecca accidentally says she saw the Queen of Gems at the Doll House. Are they going to get caught and who will go missing? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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