Matt is Jealous! Spending 24 hours as Queen and King in Princess Realm | Rebecca Zamolo

Matt is Jealous! Spending 24 hours as Queen and King in Princess Realm | Rebecca Zamolo on The

Matt is jealous of Rebecca’s new best friend when they spend 24 hours as King and Queen!

Rebecca Zamolo began surprising Connor with YouTube graduation 2020 to reveal secret crush. Matt and Rebecca then revealed Matt has accident during jumping through impossible shapes challenge and it was a bad idea. The Game Master network competed in the 5 steps forward challenge for trust and did funny tricks and secrets. Rebecca takes Matt, Daniel, and Maddie inside the realm to meet her new best friend Orion using the portal transmitter for the first time. When they arrive everyone realizes they are royalty except for Daniel. Daniel is a funny court jester and must tell jokes for 24 hours. Rebecca tells Matt about Orion who is her new best friend. Matt is jealous and thinks he has a crush on Rebecca. When they arrive at Orion’s fairy tale cottage they reveal someone broke in. Matt and Daniel split up and start searching for clues in the backyard while Rebecca and Maddie put on their spy detective hats inside. Rebecca finds a clue using a game master black light and decodes part of a message with her decoder ring. Matt and Daniel do the bottle flip challenge and win. Daniel found a buried safe that looks like a treasure chest. What’s inside is a bunch of money. Rebecca’s face is on the $10,000 dollar bill. Could Rebecca be royalty and the Queen of Zamron? Maddie is scared of ghosts and decodes that the queen of gems is looking for them. start searching for Connor and get back to the portal. When Rebecca gets back home she finds a note and it says Connor has left the game master network. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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