Maddie is Missing! Taken from Fairy Tale Cottage during Secret Twin Ceremony! | Rebecca Zamolo

Maddie is Missing! Taken from Fairy Tale Cottage during Secret Twin Ceremony! | Rebecca Zamolo on The

Rebecca Zamolo gets emotional when her cousin Maddie goes missing.

Rebecca Zamolo spent 24 hours in a disney princess challenge to find her missing memories. Matt and Rebecca then uploaded giant fruit ninja in real life challenge to find Matt’s missing memories and the real game master competed in a last to fall asleep challenge. Rebecca and her cousin Maddie go to a fairy tale cottage that Rebecca’s memory showed to find truth. Inside the house feels like it’s from a fairy tale storybook in real life. We find Disney princess dresses with our names on it and a rose inside an unbreakable mystery box. Matt decides to set up spy cameras and search for clues outside to make sure the girls are safe. The cousins explore the storybook house and hear a creepy nursery rhyme. They follow the mysterious song and into a room and open a hidden door. The game master has left clues for a secret ceremony but we must go on a scavenger hunt to get the 3 items. Rebecca searches the haunted room upstairs and has the ghosts help her find a secret hidden room with a golden ring in it. Matt begins searching the shed and finds a letter E. Maddie finds a mystery box with a four digit code and is able to unlock it. She finds rose pedals for the ceremony. Matt has a big secret about the queen of gems but doesn’t want Rebecca and Maddie to know about it. Once they have all of the hidden clues it is time to perform the secret ceremony. Rebecca and Maddie are not couples goals but are twin sisters since they are related. When they sign the nursery rhyme and dance around the rose the box unlocks and the hidden scroll is inside. It looks like an empty adoption document. Maddie goes to get the game master box to secure the document and is never seen again. How did she go missing? Can we trust Matt? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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