Maddie Faces Her Biggest Fear of Ghosts in Abandoned Ghost Town! | Rebecca Zamolo

Maddie Faces Her Biggest Fear of Ghosts in Abandoned Ghost Town! | Rebecca Zamolo on The

Rebecca Zamolo performed an Among Us In Real Life Official Music Video for a 24 hour song challenge. Matt and Rebecca created a rich date vs broke date challenge with new imposter crush! The Game Master network uploaded Maddie is Emotional After New Crush Betrays Her. Maddie must face her biggest fear of ghosts with Rebecca and Matt at an abandoned ghost town. Daniel needs his best friends to collect the 3 pieces of the treasure map to find the Incredigem. They split and search the ghost town. Maddie finds her ex crush handcuffed for 24 hours to a fence and promises to rescue him. Rebecca sneaks into saloon and goes undercover in disguise to get information from the RHS. The ghost app helps her find the missing map and she escapes before they learn her true identity. Matt spies on Mr. X who is hypnotized. He must become an imposter Red hood spy to trick the Halloween Hacker. Rebecca and Matt find the incredigem behind the water tower. Maddie tries to rescue Robbie Rob but he tries to trap her. If they aren’t carefull it will turn into a battle royale in real life. All of the practice playing among us in real life is going to pay off because someone is an imposter. The bad guys like to play angry birds so we need test it out. Do you think Matt and Rebecca can escape with the Incredigem in the abandoned ghost town? Or do you think they will get trapped for another 24 hours? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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