Is RZ Twin Dead? Don't Choose The Wrong Snow Slide Challenge!

Is RZ Twin Dead? Don't Choose The Wrong Snow Slide Challenge! on The

I hope RZ Twin makes it…

Rebecca Zamolo had Christmas in Giant SNOW GLOBE for 24 Hours to open mystery gifts. Matt and Rebecca then uploaded saying yes to my enemy for 24 hours challenge to get Mr. X to work with us. The Game Master network learned RZ Twin is missing and we are worried the Kingpin hypnotized her. Rebecca and her best friends must search for the hidden device that could destroy RZ twin before the RHS finds it. RZ Twin might be dead if we don’t rescue her! Daniel sets up a giant snow slide to create a distraction of don’t chose the wrong snow slide challenge. If this is correct they can’t use a thermal imaging scanner as the snow makes it the best hiding spot. Now we need to pretend that we are doing a fun youtube challenge of don’t chose the wrong snow slide challenge with punishments. If you chose the wrong snow slide then the punishment will be very gross. Matt’s best friend rick noah arrives. Can he help with the challenge? Daniel arrives and its awkward because Matt’s two best friends are in on spot. Everyone needs to sneak and not act too surprised when they find the secret hidden device. Do you think they will find it in time? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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