I ADOPTED A GIRL But She's a SPOILED BRAT - Rebecca Zamolo

I ADOPTED A GIRL But She's a SPOILED BRAT – Rebecca Zamolo on The GameMaster.com

Rebecca Zamolo adopts a spoiled brat but what happens next is shocking. It started when Rebecca Zamolo created “WE BECAME KIDS FOR THE DAY While PREGNANT!” Next Matt and Rebecca made “Can You Land In The GOLDEN CUP For New CAR?” Finally the Game Master Network uploaded “MY BEST FRIEND IS BURIED ALIVE.” Now Rebecca needs to get her adopted daughter to give something from the heart. It will be impossible if she has a spoiled brat as a daughter. Much like birth to death, Rebecca will have to experience what it is like to be a parent. However this time it will be with the most difficult kid in the world. It will be an emotional rollercoaster but what happens next is shocking. Hopefully Rebecca doesn’t have to live to regret it. How emotional do you think Rebecca will get? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!

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