Hot vs Cold Challenge! Cheerleader Girl on Fire vs Icy girl to Trick Daniel who is Among Us!

Hot vs Cold Challenge! Cheerleader Girl on Fire vs Icy girl to Trick Daniel who is Among Us! on The

Rebecca Zamolo competed in a giant Disney princess dating game in real life to win first date with crush. Matt and Rebecca then found out we are locked out of new house and questioned can Zamfam survive overnight challenge in backyard. The Game Master network realized a clown broke into our house that turned into an extreme hide and seek challenge. Rebecca’s best friend Zoe tells us that Daniel is tricking us with an RHS cheerleader audition. We do a hot vs cold cheerleader challenge so we don’t reveal the secret. Matt attempts the how far can you split the most challenge so Maddie is able to turn off the Daniel’s spy cameras. Now we must deactivate his device that connects to our motherboard using hot vs cold temperatures. Matt has a birthday surprise for Rebecca so he takes them into the kitchen. Finally Rebecca decides to take a hot water vs cold water shower. Will this work or could it be a huge fail? At least they don’t have to walk on fire or swim through ice. Will the RHS spy show up so they can trick him into getting information about Daniel’s evil or good plan? Could we get a truth or a face reveal so can defeat the hackers and save the zamfam? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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