Giant Miss America Beauty Pageant at Home in Real Life to Reveal Secret! | Rebecca Zamolo

Giant Miss America Beauty Pageant at Home in Real Life to Reveal Secret! | Rebecca Zamolo on The

Rebecca Zamolo attended a giant wedding at hacker fairy tale castle in real life to rescue Maddie and Rebecca went back in the hospital for emergency room trip. Matt and Rebecca then did a lie detector test on their cousin Connor to reveal the truth. The Game Master competed in a last to leave circle wins missing secrets to realm for a trending Tik Tok challenge. The best friends decide make a diy giant miss America beauty pageant at their house to complete the skill of confidence. Connor missed his graduation and prom to rescue big sister Maddie from the castle. The girls decide to trick the boys into wearing prom dresses. Matt tricks Maddie and Rebecca with crickets. Everyone is surprised when the mystery judge turns out to be the Halloween hacker. He reveals 4 envelopes with hidden secrets on each of us. In the first round we get scored and judged on a tiktok dance and Maddie wins for teaching us the choreography. For the talent competition Rebecca tries to hold the longest handstand like the rybka twins to impress the judges. Matt sings an original song while Maddie does a tiktok dance that she did when she was hypnotized at the royal wedding. Connor forgets the lyrics to a poem and gets emotional. We must finally do the interview and answer questions about courage. The Halloween Hacker had a secret meeting with Connor and he wins with the best answer. Who’s secret is revealed and can we trust everyone? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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