Giant Inside Out Movie in Real Life to Save Missing Memories! Rebecca Zamolo

Giant Inside Out Movie in Real Life to Save Missing Memories! Rebecca Zamolo on The

I, Rebecca Zamolo, switched places with RZ twin for 24 hours to open a dominos in our house. Matt and Rebecca then learned RZ twin betrayed us while saving best friend from RHS Headquarters. It turned into a battle royale hide and seek chase. The Game Master network competed in a last to leave the freezing pool challenge wins for Robbie Rob’s missing memory. The Red Hood Spies used a device to wipe his emotions and now we must find them. Daniel creates a program with Zoe the hacker and we become inside out in real life just like in wizard of oz. Rebecca is Joy and tries to bring back happiness inside the memory of turning our house into a dominos pizza for a day. Rebecca uses his crush’s surprise pizza to bring back the emotion of joy. Maddie becomes disgust while recreating a first date in his memory. She tries to prank him to get the emotion of disgust but it is a fail. Finally they go for their first kiss and she eats onions. Next Matt makes him angry by playing dress up as agent R. He then pushes RR into the pool for the ultimate prank. Finally Daniel faces his biggest fear and recreates an outfit of the red hoods spies. Mr X traps Maddie in the tiny house for 24 hours before they realize they didn’t get sadness. RZ twin does a battle royale and everything is complete. Can their evil nemesis or will they never rescue the game master? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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