First Time Copying a Teenager For The Day with Piper Rockelle! (24 Hour Challenge) Rebecca Zamolo

First Time Copying a Teenager For The Day with Piper Rockelle! (24 Hour Challenge) Rebecca Zamolo on The

Rebecca Zamolo spends 24 hours becoming Piper Rockelle and challenges her boyfriend.

Rebecca Zamolo became mermaid twins for a 24 hour challenge and the winner opens new surprise mystery gift from Game Master. Matt and Rebecca reacted to a drone prank gone wrong when they found RHS spy durning diy pranks and funny tricks. The Game Master network had to decide if the Game Master good or evil in a GM network test. Rebecca’s cousin Maddie opens a mystery gift with a Piper Rockelle photo inside. Rebecca thinks copying Piper for 24 hours will help reveal secret information. Matt and Rebecca must learn a dance with the teenagers to recreate a tik tok couple. The teenagers teach Rebecca 15 ways how to sneak snacks nto the movies using diy tik tok hacks. The teenage squad doorbell ditch Logan Paul to prank him. Maddie her best friend goes through Piper’s camera roll and finds red hood spies spying on her. The squad gets back to the house and Piper reveals the other half of the QR code and teaches a hack on snapchat to scan a location. Matt returns from his package being stolen by the porch pirate and competes in the challenge. It’s the last to fall on the pool. Everyone tells Rebecca what they learned and now we know what to do. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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