Buying A Restaurant and Giving Away Free Food For 24 Hours! (Emotional Surprise) Rebecca Zamolo

Buying A Restaurant and Giving Away Free Food For 24 Hours! (Emotional Surprise) Rebecca Zamolo on The

Rebecca Zamolo gives a giant $10,000 surprise when she buys a restaurant for her best friend!

Rebecca Zamolo spent 24 hours handcuffed to twin inside giant dollhouse in real life to find the incredibles gem. Matt and Rebecca then posted that our house controls our lives for 24 hours to save Game Master and it turned into a blindfolded battle royale after the real game master competed in the death straw challenge to rescue Daniel with a lie detector test in real life. Rebecca decides to buy 4n20 restaurant for 24 hours and give away free food and pies when she learns the shining is tricking him. She needs to save the restaurant from making pies with the secret mixture the shining dropped off. Matt decides to to sneak around and set up hidden spy cameras outside the store. David the owner lets Rebecca know the restaurant is struggling and she decides to give him a big surprise of $10,000 but it must be a secret. Rebecca and Maddie try to take orders over the phone and make pies with Matt. The cousins hold signs to tell people there is free food and Rebecca posts an instagram story. I can’t believe I bought a restaurant and gave away free food! Rebecca surprises some people with money hidden inside their pie boxes and we wait to see their emotional reactions.

Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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