24 Hour Egyptian Princess Challenge to Win Game Master Switch Up Device! Rebecca Zamolo

24 Hour Egyptian Princess Challenge to Win Game Master Switch Up Device! Rebecca Zamolo on The GameMaster.com

Rebecca Zamolo won a giant Jumanji game in real life to win realm royale for Game Master, and Matt and Rebecca realized Maddie is Trapped in Extreme Hide and Seek in One Color Challenge. The Game Master network then realized the Game Master is bad and began spying on mystery person to find clues about switch up. Rebecca and Matt take Maddie into the realm and spend 24 hours as an Egyptian princess in real life to find the missing device. Matt orders a pizza s he can do a face reveal of the mystery person. The best friends decide to do a tik tok dance at the beach and find a cave with a secret hidden tunnel. The tunnel lead into a giant pyramid and we think there might be gold or a hidden game master device. What’s inside surprised us all. It looks like this might be an ancient Egyptian tomb with princess Cleopatra. If that is true the gold is inside the buried treasured chest. Maddie found clues to the alphabet while Rebecca discovered a box of Eggos which seemed stranger than normal. Matt sets up a funny prank and it tricks Rebecca. Rebecca and Maddie made it inside the tomb further while Matt goes back to check on the mysterious pizza delivery person. Halloween Hacker attends a secret casting call with RZ twin and Game Master to find secrets and information. When Rebecca gets inside the final tomb she sees Cleopatra’s gold but it is locked inside her tomb. Once they solve the clues to the escape room in real life the Mummy appears and wants his gold back. It turns into a hide and seek chase before Matt comes to rescue them. Can they escape with the hidden game master device in time? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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