Which BEST FRIEND is the REAL Daniel in Hide and Seek Chase? | Rebecca Zamolo

Which BEST FRIEND is the REAL Daniel in Hide and Seek Chase? | Rebecca Zamolo on The GameMaster.com

Rebecca must choose which best friend is Daniel in Real Life at the GMI Headquarter during Hide and Seek Chase.

After Rebecca became a Giant Barbie Doll in Real life at the Game Master inc Dollhouse she was given a clue to go to Australia to discover the truth. Matt and Rebecca now know that the Daniel that was in the prison escape was actually his clone named D2. Now husband and wife must break into the GMI headquarters to save the their best friend. As they start to search they quickly have to play hide and seek in order to not be seen. Q from the quadrant is in the building so they must be careful. Rebecca found the best hiding spot and was almost seen but another quadrant member. A mysterious TV turned on and revealed a hidden security camera. Daniels voice was heard in the next room and they follow it. Next Rebecca has to play floor is lava to reach Daniels missing hat. An alarm goes off and Matt and Rebecca and separated. Rebecca runs into an agent while matt stays safe and discovers secret photos taken. Rebecca next sneaks into a room to an is almost captured by the Red Hood. They reunite and are chased by the game master. The last room is a birthday room for Rebecca. Whats inside the present? Can they escape and save the real Daniel in time? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos in 2019!

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