We Rescue Daniel from GAME MASTER Inc! (Hide and Seek Challenge inside of Best Friend Apartment)

We Rescue Daniel from GAME MASTER Inc! (Hide and Seek Challenge inside of Best Friend Apartment) on The GameMaster.com

Matt and Rebecca Zamolo rescue Daniel the Camera Man from the GMI while playing hide and seek inside of Alice’s Apartment.

Rebecca found a hidden treasure chest at the bottom of the lake worth $10,000 which made them sneak away from the Quadrant into a hidden tunnel back to los angeles. RZ twin said she would take care of the Tesla. When they returned the quadrant was having a secret meeting by Matt’s car. RZ twin places a tracking device to spy on Matt. Can we trust Rebecca’s twin or should we make her take a lie detector test to reveal the truth? They get back to their apartment and sneak into Alice’s house. Daniel is still missing. The last photo Daniel sent was in her room so they they search for a way to get in and realize Alice is still there. Rebecca gets downstairs and it turns into a quick hide and sneak chase. Alice leaves to get Starbucks and Matt and Rebecca find where Daniel is being held. They use the key card from the bottom of the lake and it works. When they try to escape Alice returns. Will this turn into a battle royale for 24 hours? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos in 2019!

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