We only Ate Rainbow Food for 24 Hours Challenge! (Rebecca Vs. Best Friend)

We only Ate Rainbow Food for 24 Hours Challenge! (Rebecca Vs. Best Friend) on The GameMaster.com

Matt and Rebecca Zamolo try eating only Rainbow food for 24 hours with her best friend in real life.

After Rebecca Zamolo tried Spying On My BEST FRIEND For 24 HOURS, Matt and Rebecca along with Daniel needed to try to figure out what is on her list. The GMI has put Rebecca under hypnosis so we can’t let Alice and her be alone by them selves until they can figure out the clue. Now that Alice has found our house we need to keep her there. Rebecca and Matt come up with the idea to only eat Rainbow foods and make it into a challenge. Alice loves this and wants to stay close to her best friend. Daniel is still looking for the missing key after they go to the store to get more supplies. When Rebecca makes a rainbow grilled cheese Alice and Rebecca make up a song. Alice sneaks away and discovers a set of handcuffs. She handcuffed Rebecca and now wants to turn this into another 24 hour challenge overnight. Can we trust the new best friend Alice?

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