We Got Kicked Out Of Walmart and Toys R Us! instagram photoshoot

We Got Kicked Out Of Walmart and Toys R Us! instagram photoshoot on The GameMaster.com

Watch – 24 hours on my Roof – https://youtu.be/3UkDEBd_MxA
I did another instagram location photoshoot challenge in public places and got kicked out of Toys R Us and Walmart. After my photoshoot at Target video you guys wanted me to do it again and potentially post them onto my Instagram! Thanks to all of you for your suggestions on dares for me to for the photoshoot challenge. I had such much fun with my friend and professional photographer Kelly Lee who takes all of my Instagram photos and is amazing and talented running around and trying to take impromptu pictures based on ZamFam dares.

We first attempted to go to Toys R Us for the photoshoot but got kicked out. We walked in with our camera but security kicked us out. I really wanted to film there with all the stuffed animals and toys and was disappointed.

Next we went to Walmart where we had limited time to take the photos of the dares. The hardest part was making sure security didn’t see us with the camera. I rode a bike, tried on princess dresses, tested baby products. and of course recreated the Walmart yodeling boy. Let me know the next place you want us to film at!

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