We Found GAME MASTER NEW MASK! (Hello Neighbor in Real Life at Spy Hacker Safe house)

We Found GAME MASTER NEW MASK! (Hello Neighbor in Real Life at Spy Hacker Safe house) on The GameMaster.com

Rebecca Zamolo found the game master new mask at the spy hacker safe house during Hello Neighbor in real life. Matt and Rebecca solved a clue after throwing a dart at a map for the Game Master network which took us to this top secret location. A quadrant had been securing the safe house for 24 hours but after receiving a call from the Red hood, the hacker spy puts on his headphones just like hello neighbor in real life. While Matt and Rebecca search for the mystery devices it turns into a game of hide and seek. They need help from her cousin who shows up by getting in the house using ninja hacker skills. All three decide to split up like. We now know there are 3 pieces in the house but anything you carry, ill buy challenge just like Morgz. Rebecca found a piece but accidentally dropped it. Q heard it and quickly came inside. The game of hide and seek turns into a chase. Matt distracts him and hides in the best hiding spot. Will they find all three pieces in time and complete this challenge before it turns into a battle royale? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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