We FOUND a Wild SKUNK in our House! (Animal Control Called) | Rebecca Zamolo

We FOUND a Wild SKUNK in our House! (Animal Control Called) | Rebecca Zamolo on The GameMaster.com

Rebecca Zamolo found a wild skunk hidden in her house while trying to do viral tik tok trends.

After Rebecca Zamolo played a giant game of gone fishing in her backyard against the GMI agents she pranked them by duct taping them to a wall for 24 hours. Prank wars is on and before she started recreating her first tik tok she smelled something funny in her room. That is Rebecca realizes there is a wild animal skunk and reacts cautiously. Matt didn’t believe her and thought she was pranking him. After they tried searching the entire place nothing was found. The GMI agents hacked into the channel and reveal they are doing a prank on Matt and Rebecca. Rebecca let you decide on Instagram which viral tik tok trend she should attempt first like her musically. They try to go to the kitchen but the skunk appears. Should we call animal control? It doesn’t seem safe so they escape to the roof. When they try to go back for her iPhone 11 they can’t find it. Are they playing hide and seek in real life. Next they try to do the gravity trick for tik tok on their roof and the agents continue the prank with them and finally the animal control comes. When Matt and Rebecca return back downstairs they see a gopro camera. When Rebecca looks a the footage it is of the agents looking for the re-activator. Did the agents break into the house? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos in 2019!

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