We Found a Secret Hidden Tracking Device on Daniel in GMI Twin Bunker Escape Room!

We Found a Secret Hidden Tracking Device on Daniel in GMI Twin Bunker Escape Room! on The GameMaster.com

Matt and Rebecca found a barcode on their best friend Daniel in a twin bunker Escape Room!

After Rebecca Zamolo tried escaping the GMI prison in real life they found themselves in an abandoned tunnel. Matt was instantly separated from Rebecca and Daniel. Two vs two they now had to explore whats inside. Quickly they realized they were in identical twin escape rooms which look like underground bunkers. Both teams had the same clues but they have to work together to get out. Rebecca and Daniel are able to open both briefcases by the help of the zamfam and a clock clue. Next there were 4 phones and they didn’t seem to do anything to help but one did sound like the Red Hood who used to work with the game master. Matt discovered using detector skills a note. When he typed in words it created that environment in the second room. First he typed gas and a sleeping cloud came in. Second was an earthquake and the funniest reaction came when Matt made Rebecca and Daniel recreate fortnite dances. With all three stages completed they are reunited. Once they get back into the Tesla room Matt is shown that Daniel has a tracking device on his neck. Is he a clone? They quickly escape but Daniel is the only one that made it out safe. Are Matt and Rebecca trapped for 24 hours again? hanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos in 2019!

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