Using Only ONE COLOR in HIDE AND SEEK Challenge! (Rescue mission to save Game Master)

Using Only ONE COLOR in HIDE AND SEEK Challenge! (Rescue mission to save Game Master) on The

Rebecca Zamolo plays a camo hide and seek challenge to rescue the Game Master using the best secret camo hiding spot.

Rebecca Zamolo let YouTubers decide what I eat for 24 hours and revealed the Halloween hacker’s next 4 targets. Matt and Rebecca uploaded Saving GAME MASTER in Roblox! (Spying on Secret Meeting with Hacker) and found the GM trapped inside. Today, Rebecca and Matt must unlock the Flutter room using a 4-digit code and play hide and seek in real life using only one color. We spy on the Halloween hacker with the game master who he has trapped in a mystery room. We need to find the best hiding spot in our camo to trick the GMI agents and rescue the Gamemaster. Rebecca sneaks inside an art room wearing pink where she hears secret information about from a GMI agent. It turns into a chase and she uses her secret code word to let Daniel and Matt know to stay hidden. Matt pranks agent R by pretending to be a ghost so he’ll scream. Daniel tries to hack into their system with his iPhone 11. The best friends decide to split up after hearing the secret meeting between the hacker and GMI. Rebecca and Daniel prank the agents using spooky halloween makeup while Matt finds the GM room. They have less than 24 hours to defeat the hacker after the Game Master is spawned back into the Roblox game and disappears. Will the Game Master stay missing or can we stop the Halloween hacker? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos in 2019!

This challenge was at FLUTTER in Los Angeles

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Find Rebecca!

Hide and Seek Challenge



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