Try Not To Push the Wrong MYSTERY BOX  into the POOL is LAVA! (you decide)

Try Not To Push the Wrong MYSTERY BOX into the POOL is LAVA! (you decide) on The

We Found the Game Master’s House! New Evidence Exploring Secret Hidden Underground Tunnel –
We tried not to push the wrong mystery box into the water with this pool is lava challenge. I had my fans control my life for a day and put different polls out on my instagram stories which my ZamFam voted for. We then let you decide which mystery box to push into the water with the person that lost each round of challenges. We did three rounds of different games, which included wearing tourist costumes and a blindfolded challenge. It was hilarious to try to stay on the giant emoji floaties without falling into the water (lava).
For Round 1 my husband (not brother) Matt Slays and I tried to get across to the other side of the pool without falling in the water. This husband vs wife challenge was based on the viral trend the floor is lava and is a perfect game for summer. We saw siblings (not twins) sis vs bro try this family challenge against their dad and it was so entertaining! The person who falls into the water first has to go into a mystery box without knowing which mystery box fans picked to push in.
Round 2 we wore costumes that made it a lot more challenging to jump from the floaties when we tried not to fall in. Watching people’s reactions to our funny costumes was a highlight lol. Again, who ever fell into the water first had to go into a cardboard box and you decided which box got pushed in.
Round 3 we let you control and decide which floaties we had to use. I put polls out on my IG stories and you picked two floaties for both Matt and I to use. We were only able to use three total to get across the pool is Lava. Faze Rug used emoji floaties that were similar to ours in this round with bright and vibrant colors. The giant floaties made it a lot easier to get across the pool.
In the final round we were blindfolded while holding our iPhone X to make it even harder. I always love prank wars with my husband and I of course had to trick him and let you all in on it. This is the perfect challenge to do on a hot summer day with your family and friends.

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