Tricking the RHS by Going Undercover as Park Rangers for 24 Hours!

Tricking the RHS by Going Undercover as Park Rangers for 24 Hours! on The

Rebecca Zamolo recently saw Matt’s first date as a Disney princess with Mr. X. That was right after Matt and Rebecca spent 24 hours trapped in a giant treehouse during a hide and seek challenge. Now in order to get one of the keys back the couple need to find 13 ways to sneak into the woods and go in disguise as park rangers. It will be a 24 hour challenge tricking them but they need to act quick. Once all three, Matt, Rebecca and Maddie arrive they see 3 RHS spies waiting for instructions from Mr. X. Matt tells them he is park ranger dude perfect while Rebecca is Mr Beast and of course Maddie is park ranger SSSniperwolf. If this works and the disguises hold up they can trick the spies before they know it and locate one of the keys. Matt tries to show wilderness training. Maddie does diy rope knots in an awkward situation. Rebecca builds a tent and uses this time to learn from the spies. Matt finds a barcode page with the new barcodes but it doesn’t make sense. Rebecca finds a photo of Daniel and think he is the next target. Maddie finds the key and it turns into a hide and seek chase. Do you think they can all escape the woods before the RHS finds out they were pranked in practical jokes in real life? Thanks for watching my DIY video about awkward situations life hacks / practical joke pranks.

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