Tricking Quadrant using GAME MASTER Identity Disguise in MYSTERY ESCAPE ROOM (Overnight 3am clues)

Tricking Quadrant using GAME MASTER Identity Disguise in MYSTERY ESCAPE ROOM (Overnight 3am clues) on The

Rebecca Zamolo and cameraman Daniel use their GM spy ninja training for 24 hours to avoid a face reveal solve clues to unlock a new device.

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Rebecca Zamolo played the Last to Leave GAME MASTER Escape Room with Faze Rug and a mystery device was found irl. Matt and Rebecca then found a secret hidden camera in my house by the Game Master and Quadrant Device Hacks in Roblox. The GM is still missing and we are searching every secret location in hopes to find each spy gadget first by using a top secret USB drive. In today’s video, I trick the Quadrant by going undercover for spy ninja training headquarters in an RZ twin disguise. I didn’t have the mask, so I used my ZamFam hoodie to cover me and not do a face reveal. The voice detector thought Rebecca was the real twin and gave me instructions for escaping the top secret location. This pink escape room in real life contains similar ninja gadgets to what we saw when I spent 24hrs in a Dollhouse including dolls and a mirror mystery box. Will we do an unboxing and find $10,000 in this challenge? We need to decode the mysterious riddles inside before escaping with the device and avoiding another Battle Royale. The E2 date has not been revealed, but YouTubers like Carter Sharer and Chad Wild Clay need to stay on alert because the hacker group could be trying to take over their channel. I dont trust Daniel because he is an expert hacker and disappeared during my Pause challenge when Matt and Rebecca found a secret hidden camera. Do you trust him or think’s he’s working as a rouge spy? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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