Trapped with Evil Twin in Barbie Escape Room for 24 Hours! | Rebecca Zamolo

Trapped with Evil Twin in Barbie Escape Room for 24 Hours! | Rebecca Zamolo on The

Rebecca Zamolo uploaded “going through my evil twins camera roll to reveal secrets.” Next Matt and Rebecca created “My best friend is missing after scavenger hunt to reveal rz twin.” Finally the Game Master Network made “Last to leave the pirate ship wins at 3am.” Now Matt and Rebecca along with Maddie have discovered the coordinates have revealed that we are going back to the pink palace known as the Barbie House. Once we arrive we see pink everywhere. After searching and exploring we are in the middle of a battle royale and Rebecca’s twin explains in order to leave with her we must complete the challenges but it will take all three of us. After we have a moment to create a diy barbie box confessional an evil red hood spy enters. Matt is so mad but quickly learns he loves the place after playing musical chairs mystery drink challenge. What was in the mysterious drink? Rz Twin has a new boyfriend in the back and we think it might be one of Maddie’s ex crush. Do you think we can escape in time or will we be trapped for another 24 hours? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!

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