Throwing a DART at a MAP and Doing a FACE REVEAL Battle Wherever it LANDS! | Rebecca Zamolo

Throwing a DART at a MAP and Doing a FACE REVEAL Battle Wherever it LANDS! | Rebecca Zamolo on The

Rebecca Zamolo plays the throwing a dart at a map and doing a battle royale face reveal wherever it lands challenge to defeat the Hacker and save the Game Master network. Matt and Rebecca came home after a quadrant chase and found the real game master map along with a hypnotized RZ twin waiting for them. It turns into a battle royale but Matt grabs the red light spy gadget and antidote and she wakes up. RZ twin goes back to spying on the Red Hood to find out secret information about E3. The ZamFam helped find the secet passcode and we deactivate the second computer. Rebecca throws a dart at a map while blindfolded and it lands on Q’s hideout. Rebecca, Matt, and Daniel begin exploring and searching the hide out for the hidden hacker laptop until they spy a quadrant. They begin hide and seek and the first to find it wins. Two more hacker spies appear and it turns into a battle royale just like the real game master said. We use our ninja training while we try to defeat them and escape with their device. The GM network hides behind a storage container before the quadrant finds them and it turns into another chase. Do you think we’ll be able to stop E3 and find the missing hacker laptops? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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