The Hackers Stole New Safe House at Whats in the box Challenge! (He Confessed Lost Circle Location)

The Hackers Stole New Safe House at Whats in the box Challenge! (He Confessed Lost Circle Location) on The

After Rebecca Zamolo Turned Our Safe House into a Giant BARBIE Dream Home! (Worst DIY Crafts Boys vs Girls Challenge), Matt and Rebecca uploaded “Rebecca’s Emergency Trip to Hospital! Letting Subscribers Decide New House! (Hacks Fail Challenge)” The Real Game Master created RZ Twin is in Trouble! Spending 24 Hours with Game Master In Real Life Hacker Escape Room Prank, then the Game Master incorporated posted “Convincing My BEST FRIEND to be EVIL (Trapping Agent for 24 hours in Secret Escape Room)”, now someone is trying to break into the safe house. Matt and Rebecca, Agent S, Agent R and Zoe all hide and seek in their own home. The Hackers enter and leave boxes with holes in them. They will be back in an hour so the challenge will be difficult. They decide to try the whats inside the box challenge and get the devices out to build the hacker machine. The first item was a mouse and a small part of a sphere. Matt and Agent S do the challenge while Rebecca and Agent R set up traps. Which trap will be the best one? Zoe tries hacking into the sphere but might have to call Daniel on facetime because she isn’t getting it right. Once they get all pieces built they have just enough time to use the switch. It goes off and instantly Matt Realizes the EMP is gone which means anyone can enter the safe house. They see the hackers fall on the first trap so everyone hides. Before they know it the hackers stole the house and they must escape. Matt goes back and does a battle royale to get back the youtube plaques. Are we homeless now? Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2020!

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