The GAME MASTER is BAD! New Clue Found while Rescuing Daniel!

The GAME MASTER is BAD! New Clue Found while Rescuing Daniel! on The

Matt and Rebecca Zamolo discover the Game Master might be bad after he chooses the Creepy Doll over our best friend Daniel.

After Rebecca Zamolo completed Roblox in real life the Game Master and Halloween Hacker got in a battle royale. The GM chose to save the Creepy Doll so he might not be good now. Daniel is missing after the GMI agents take him and try to hack into his Tesla. Matt and Rebecca have a tracking device on him but it is not activated yet. They facetime Rocky on their iPhone 11 and he thinks we should talk to RZ twin. They both might be under cerebral analysis now. If they are both hypnotized could they work for the Hacker? Daniel’s tracking device is now live and it shows him at the GMI outpost. Matt is able to hack into the room and see that he is handcuffed for 24 hours on a green screen. They made him take a lie detector test. After Matt and Rebecca rescue Daniel and help him escape he says the Gamemaster is bad now. Who is telling the truth?

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