Surviving in the Woods for 24 Hour Overnight Challenge! (Hide and Seek from Hacker) | Rebecca Zamolo

Surviving in the Woods for 24 Hour Overnight Challenge! (Hide and Seek from Hacker) | Rebecca Zamolo on The

Rebecca Zamolo spends 24 hours in the woods for the Game Master network and it turns into a hide and seek chase from the Hacker!

Matt and Rebecca were sent by the real game master to intercept an exchange between the quadrant when we found out the Red Hood hacker was building a super computer for Project V. To make sure we win the first piece, the couple must use their survival skill to complete a 24 hour challenge overnight in the woods. This 24 hour challenge is at an even higher elevation than when Mr. Beast completed it. When the first quadrant hacker arrives Rebecca and Matt spy on him while he’s on his iphone. They use their spy ninja skills to hide and seek in the wilderness and find the best hiding spot. We learn information that the drop off will happen at 3am and picked up in the morning. Matt uses spy gadgets to distract the hacker at night so our tent would stay hidden and not found. Finally, after surviving the night M&R wake up and begin searching for the mystery device. It is found inside a power box and they call Daniel to see if he’s hacked into their network to find the next location. Daniel tells up Project V stands for Vidcon! The second quadrant member sees up and it turns into a chase. What do you think the Red Hood is planning to do with the super computer at Vidcon?

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