Surviving GAME MASTER in the MOST HAUNTED DOLLHOUSE! (Escape Room Trap)

Surviving GAME MASTER in the MOST HAUNTED DOLLHOUSE! (Escape Room Trap) on The

This haunted dollhouse was the scariest challenge ever!
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After I, Rebecca Zamolo, spent 24 HOURS inside my Closet! (Missing $10,000 and Game Master Clues) then Matt and Rebecca competed in Game Master Last to Leave Wins $10,000 (Defeat the Spy Challenge) and we won back a spy device back from the Quadrant. The ZamFam helped solve the new E2 date after Hacking into the Quadrant Surveillance Camera (New Event Date Revealed) was uploaded on the Real Game Master youtube channel. For the next challenge we met the Quadrant at a haunted dollhouse. I really hope we don’t have to stay overnight at 3am or see a real ghost. We explored the mysterious first room using our spy gadgets to look for clues and riddles in this escape room in real life. We learned in the secret message on the tv that a mystery ninja hacker was waiting to chase us if we don’t chose the wrong mystery box. Thankfully we escaped to the second floor but had more hidden messages to decode on the walls. Matt needed to turn off the power circuit while our cameraman and I went upstairs to the final floor. Matt had a battle royale with the Quadrant ninja that turned into a trap. After we solved the final clues, two mystery men surprised us after being hidden. I dont trust the quadrant and hope they haven’t found the Gm or $10,000 yet. Do you think they’ll unmask the Game Master and do a face reveal before E2? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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