Spying on my IDENTICAL TWIN for 24 HOURS to Reveal Truth! (Creepy Doll is missing) | Rebecca Zamolo

Spying on my IDENTICAL TWIN for 24 HOURS to Reveal Truth! (Creepy Doll is missing) | Rebecca Zamolo on The GameMaster.com

Rebecca Zamolo decides to spy on RZ twin in this 24 hour challenge to see if we can trust her!

Rebecca Zamolo played a giant roblox game in real life and the Game Master rescued the creepy doll instead of Daniel. Matt and Rebecca aren’t sure if the real game master is bad or if we can trust him. Today, Rebecca decides to spy on her identical twin for 24 hours to find the truth. RZ twin has been a double agent for the GMI and Game master network. Our best friend Daniel gives us the coordinates for her location at Starbucks and we stay hidden. Rebecca sneaks inside using a spy camera and reveals her doing the quadrant handshake. Rebecca must learn how to diy hack her iPhone 11 from Tik tok and we overhear her call with a mystery man. RZ twin attends a secret meeting with a mysterious man who gives her the creepy doll to bring to the Labrant Fam. Is this the real Game Master? We are first to Cole and Sav’s house when we see my identical twin pretending to be me. She delivers the creepy doll to the Labrant Fam and reveals she is going to our house next. We must save Cole & Sav and take the creepy doll back. Matt pranks Rebecca by giving RZ twin an iPhone 11 on the roof. Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos in 2019!

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