Spying on Connor's First Date with His Crush! (Emotional Goodbye after Zoe is Missing)

Spying on Connor's First Date with His Crush! (Emotional Goodbye after Zoe is Missing) on The GameMaster.com

Maddie is jealous of Connor on a first date after stranger things!

Recently Rebecca Zamolo played a stranger things game in real life to save Connor. That was right after Matt and Rebecca found out that RZ Twin is Bad! Now since we escaped the upside down and Connor risked his life to save us, Matt is letting him date Zoe. Maddie is super upset and jealous that Connor gets to date but a promise is a promise. Matt tries to figure out if the game master is good and Robbie Rob shows up. Matt is mad but doesn’t know why the switch up didn’t work.k. Is it Robbie Rob or Agent R? First the girls must get ready. Zoe says she wants to be friends and put him in the friend zone. Rebecca asks if she might give him a kiss on the first date. Zoe says yes but she might be a liar. Matt and Robbie Rob get Connor ready by doing some role playing. It is the worst idea of the day. When they finally start dating everyone spies. It is a secret date in the movie theater. Connor tries all of the moves but gets rejected. When he finally goes in for the kiss, Zoe plays a trick on him. Why did Zoe make Connor kiss a dog. Zoe leaves and goes missing. Connor is upset and wants to sleep it off. He goes to his room and shuts the door. The next morning Connor is missing too. Where did they go? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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