Spending 24 HOURS Straight in the OCEAN! Surviving Hacker Escape Room Trap to Reveal Maddie's Secret

Spending 24 HOURS Straight in the OCEAN! Surviving Hacker Escape Room Trap to Reveal Maddie's Secret on The GameMaster.com

Trapped in the Middle of the Ocean to Reveal Maddie’s Secret Crush!

After Rebecca Zamolo did a Giant Double Date Prank on Matt with Crush! (Surprising Hacker Note Reveals New 24 Hours Challenge), Matt and Rebecca competed in Who Knows Me Better CRUSH or Matt Challenge? Spending 24 HOURS to Reveal Missing Hacker Crush! The Real Game Master uploaded Rebecca Found Secret Code in Hacker Escape Room Trap! Spending 24 Hours in Clues after Battle Royale, the Game Master Incorporated uploaded Game Master Book of Secrets Code Reveal! (Maddie missing after Hacker Hide and Seek Chase), now Matt and Rebecca along with her cousin Maddie and both agents wake up to reveal they are trapped on a boat in the middle of the ocean. A Quadrant hacker is driving the boat and locks them underground. In order to escape, the best friends must complete different challenges in 24 hours. The first challenge is best dress wins and Matt has to post a photo of the diy dress on his instagram. In the truth or dare challenge Maddie has a big secret but doesn’t want to reveal it. Do you think it might be about her first kiss with her crush Agent R? Matt and Rebecca try not to fall in a TikTok dance challenge on top of the boat. Rebecca notice’s a key in the Quadrant’s pocket along with a lockbox of sleep cloud inside. ‘They come up with a plan to stop the Hacker and Matt sneaks up with a gift of Peanut butter and takes the box along with the key. After they give the lie detector mixture to him the quadrant quickly falls asleep. Matt sneaks up the roof and discovers a mysterious paper. It has his picture on it with a $10,000 reward as he is now wanted. Is Matt being framed in real life?

Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2019!

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