Sneaking into GAME MASTER Inc. Headquarters for 24 HOURS! (Best Friend Missing) | Rebecca Zamolo

Sneaking into GAME MASTER Inc. Headquarters for 24 HOURS! (Best Friend Missing) | Rebecca Zamolo on The

Rebecca Zamolo spends 24 hours sneaking into the GMI headquarters to find the Mr. X true identity lockbox.

After Rebecca Zamolo played the Last To Stop Jumping Wins $10,000 Challenge! (Best Friend Daniel is Missing for 24 Hours) Matt and Rebecca posted Giant Ninja Warrior Challenge – First Take to Finish Wins – (Best Friend Missing for 24 hours) and they tied the agents. Today, the Game Master has Rebecca and Matt sneak into the new GMI headquarters to find Mr. X’s true identity lockbox. We aren’t sure if Matt has lost his memory or just been hypnotized on the scavenger hunt. Rebecca looks at his camera footage and sees that the agents used their spy gadget device on him. Rebecca must learn how to drive his Tesla as they break into the top secret location. Rebecca spies on Agent R talking about taking his crush Alice on a first date and follow him inside. The agents are having a secret meeting about MI2 then split up. Rebecca plays hide and seek and takes back the reactivator to save her husband Matt. Rebecca goes undercover wearing a mail delivery disguise to steal an invitation to the masquerade ball. Matt sees his wife get trapped with the GMI agents while trying to get the lockbox but must stay hidden. The couple escapes with the lockbox but drops the invitation. Will Matt be able sneak back inside to find it? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment adventure vlog videos in 2019!

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