Searching for Missing Game Master in Real Life!  GM Network

Searching for Missing Game Master in Real Life! GM Network on The

When Rebecca Zamolo’s best friend leaves the Game Master Network forever in Disney princess challenge it was a bad sign. However right before that Matt and Rebecca noticed that Maddie’s crush might not make it and we will have to say an emotional good bye. But, Robbie Rob bounced back and he is now helping us find the game master with his photographic memory. Since the game master is missing we need to follow the clues which are now at the lake of secrets. During the secret meeting RR was able to put a tracking device on one of the RHS spies and we tracked them to the LOS. When we arrive we have a hard time finding clues but the tracking device led us right to a magical bridge where they found the tracking device. Can we stop them and turn the GM back to good before all is lost?

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