Saving Rebecca's Twin from Game Master Escape Room & Destroying GM Lair!

Saving Rebecca's Twin from Game Master Escape Room & Destroying GM Lair! on The

RZ twin is missing during clue in real life game in our house!

When Rebecca Zamolo played a giant clue in real life game part 2 to trap the queen of gems she reacted to Matt and Rebecca with Daniel who found the game master living under our house. That was quickly after the game master network tried to stop the queen of gems by crushing soft and crunchy things at the cabin. Now RZ twin only has a few hours left to be rescued. It looks like she is inside the game master lair. When Matt, Rebecca and Maddie arrive they see a clue that one of the doors is open. Now they need to sneak inside but without VR Glasses. The first escape room they search is the Trolls in real life game. It doesn’t look anything like before. The quickly realize it is an escape room that the game master set up and we need to get 4 digits to break the code to destroy the lair. The found two but Rebecca things someone might be in there with them. Its either the red hood or the queen of gems. There are no tik tok dances like the renegade. Once they escape Maddie needs to face her fear and go into the doll house. When inside they see that Rebecca has to say an emotional goodbye to RZ twin again. But it was one big trick. Can they rescue her in time and save RZ twin before Daniel finds the game master? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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