Saving GAME MASTER in Roblox!  (Spying on Secret Meeting with Hacker) Matt & Rebecca

Saving GAME MASTER in Roblox! (Spying on Secret Meeting with Hacker) Matt & Rebecca on The

Matt and Rebecca hack into roblox to rescue the game master who is trapped!

After Rebecca Zamolo let youtubers decide what I eat for 24 hours Matt and Rebecca played funny diy pranks on my wife then gave her a brand new iphone 11. Now with the information that the GM is trapped inside a minecraft game like roblox we need to rescue him from the hacker. First they are able to use hacks to see whats inside. Its the same game where they had a battle royale with the quadrant and GMI. Someone spawns in and now Rebecca needs to hide while Matt plays hide and seek. Rebecca escapes through a secret hidden door while Matt distracts the avatar with a battle royale. Matt then teleports to reunite with Rebecca and they see the Gamemaster in the cerebral analysis chair. They hear the conversation while they attend the secret meeting. Daniel joins them and traps the Agent before they go into a fortnite dance battle. The Hacker then takes the Game Master and has him trapped inside a boat room. Can you help us figure out the code to get out of the escape room in real life? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos in 2019!

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