REBECCA ZAMOLO takes LIE DETECTOR TEST from RZ Twin to find GAME MASTER! (Truth Revealed)

REBECCA ZAMOLO takes LIE DETECTOR TEST from RZ Twin to find GAME MASTER! (Truth Revealed) on The

RZ twin does a face reveal after Daniel traps Rebecca 24 hours overnight while pretending to be a Quadrant spy.
▶ Last Game Master clues and riddles to solve:
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Rebecca Zamolo created Daniel Wins Trust from RZ Twin to Defeat Game Master! (E2 Date Reveal Clues Found at Secret Meeting) then Matt and Rebecca uploaded Daniel Traps Rebecca Zamolo for Game Master Spy! (Last to Drop Wins $10,000 Challenge). After Daniel our cameraman attended a secret meeting with RZ twin we uncovered the truth that they want Rebecca while spying with our spy ninja gadgets. I pretended to lose the last to drop wins $10,000 Morgz challenge and our cameraman took me to the Quadrant safe house. I end up spending the night inside a tiny room until they made me take a lie detector test. Thankfully, the Game Master hid a tiny antidote device to use against the Lie Detector mixture so I wouldn’t have to reveal the truth. I realized that we must defeat the hacker quadrant in this battle royale and escape using our spy ninja training like Chad Wild Clay. Matt became hypnotized by the music and our camera man had to use his hacker skills to turn off the computer so we could complete our plan and escape. We try escaping but it turns into a hacker chase. Do you think we’ll be able to help the real Game Master and stop E2? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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