REBECCA ZAMOLO is a ROBOT in REAL Life! (DNA Quadrant Date Reveal from Game Master Ai Escape Room)

REBECCA ZAMOLO is a ROBOT in REAL Life! (DNA Quadrant Date Reveal from Game Master Ai Escape Room) on The

Watch – GAME MASTER Spy and CAMERA MAN Daniel Takes Lie Detector Test! (Quadrant Event Date Clues Reveal) –

▶ Last Game Master Escape Room Clue:
▶ New GM Network video to help us using the coder!

After Rebecca Zamolo spent 24 Hours inside a Game Master Bounce House (Who wins $10,000 & Matt Missing in Top Secret Hideout) and Escaping Game Master Safe House with Parachute Mystery Gift Drop! (Announcement Date Reveal), Matt and Rebecca uploaded Hacks Control Room & Top Secret Supply Drop (Exploring New Escape Room), we learned about the Lunar Eclipse announcement date of January 20th. The surveillance footage on the spy camera gave a clue to where the missing $10,000 red box went. We believe the coder is working for the Quadrant in disguise and decided to spy on him. Inside the top secret room the first clue revealed the money was transported into a briefcase locked in a closet. There was a key code and we need to solve another clue to unlock it. We saw a hidden spy camera in the corner and realized the escape room was actually an undercover control room. Another hidden door opened leading to another hacker headquarters escape room where we discovered an AI robot. My husband Matt (not brother) explored the spy gadget table and found another spy camera and a clue of glasses that were a copy of his. I hope they aren’t framing us like CWC and using our DNA. This could be the biggest clue we have about the coder announcement date for the Lunar Eclipse and the big event. The GameMaster network hopes to take down the Quadrant before a Battle Royale. Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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