Rebecca Zamolo Gymnastics Challenge w/ Cole and Sav! (Gymnast Everleigh teaches dance choreography)

Rebecca Zamolo Gymnastics Challenge w/ Cole and Sav! (Gymnast Everleigh teaches dance choreography) on The

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This Rebecca Zamolo gymnastics challenge with Cole and Sav (and Everleigh) was so much fun and hilarious! We began by stretching and doing a fun dance warm-up with 5 year old Everleigh teaching us her dance choreography. Savannah Soutas and her husband (not brother) Cole competed against their daughter and Rebecca Zamolo. Their first competition was on the floor exercise where they performed ninja cartwheels for a speed challenge. A handstand contest was next and was difficult and hilarious to watch wearing costumes. Rebecca Zamolo and Cole & Sav attempted gymnastics skills like a leap and jumps on the balance beam. The third apparatus was the uneven bars where we did pull overs and cast handstands. The tumble track was so much fun! We did tumbling and flips onto the mat. For the final event we did a race in the foam pit which revealed the winner! Who do you think won? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

Cole and Sav | A Professional Gymnast Teaches us Gymnastics!

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