Rebecca Zamolo Diss Track Rap Battle Dance Song! (24 hour Music Video Challenge Funny Best Friends)

Rebecca Zamolo Diss Track Rap Battle Dance Song! (24 hour Music Video Challenge Funny Best Friends) on The

After the “Official Rebecca Zamolo Bored at Home Music Video! Face Reveal in 24 Hour Song Challenge using Diy Hacks”, Matt and Rebecca then uploaded Hacker Traps Rebecca in Tunnel System! (Funny 24 Hour Song Challenge Music Video at Home)” right after that The Real Game Master created “We Found A Secret Hidden Tunnel System in Matt and Rebecca’s New House! (New Evidence Reveal Clues),” and finally Game Master Incorporated made “Best Friend Lie Detector Test on Real Brother Agent S! (Memory Loss Reveal Secret Information),” but RZ twin said someone is spying on us inside our house. Rebecca and Matt get in an argument with the agents and decide to do a rap battle diss track. The couple We need to get inside the tunnel above our house using the 5 pieces of the device. It doesn’t work but RZ twin said it needed the power. Rebecca challenges Agent R and Agent S to a diss track rap battle with a dance twist. They have less than 24 hours in this challenge to win $10,000. The agents test their memory and try to spy again. Matt and Rebecca Zamolo decide to trick the agents with pranks. They play a game saying their biggest fear and prepare for the rap battle. The best friends must learn how to do the dance choreography to post on Tik Tok. Who has the best diss track in this 24 hour challenge? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020! #stayathome #withme #musicvideo

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Thanks Wilking Sisters for choreographing this dance!

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