PRANKING MY HUSBAND for 24 Hours at the Safe House! (Best DIY Pranks) | Rebecca Zamolo

PRANKING MY HUSBAND for 24 Hours at the Safe House! (Best DIY Pranks) | Rebecca Zamolo on The

Rebecca Zamolo tries the best DIY pranks from 123 Go! and 5 Minute Crafts in this husband vs wife challenge!

Rebecca Zamolo had to spend 24 hours in the safe house after receiving a mysterious note during the switching husbands challenge with the Labrant fam. Matt and Rebecca listened to the quadrant who wanted them to stay overnight at the safehouse. Today, Rebecca and Matt decide to try some diy pranks on Daniel from 123 Go and 5 minute crafts. For her first prank Rebecca tricked Daniel to drink a coke but she secretly put a mentos inside and it spilled all over him when he opened it. Next Matt tried to pop a zit to trick Daniel who left to continue hacking. The next 123 Go! prank was with a broken iphone. Rebecca pretended she put a nail through it and our cameraman thought his iPhone was destroyed. Rebecca was able to give the truth mixture to Daniel in his coffee and he finally revealed the truth. He had been messaging with RZ Twin who was missing. The best friends decide to prank Matt with diy slime in his beanie when he took a photo for instagram. Finally, with the fluffy slime in his hair, Matt had to shower. Rebecca tricked him with pink paint in his shampoo bottle. RZ twin sent a message that THEY wanted the clones. Do you think Ro is safe? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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