Matt Spent 24 Hours Trapped in Abandoned Bowling Alley with Clowns for rhs Face Reveal!

Matt Spent 24 Hours Trapped in Abandoned Bowling Alley with Clowns for rhs Face Reveal! on The

Can we escape to get a face reveal of the red hood spy? Watch all the way through and subscribe or you will have bad luck! Recently Rebecca Zamolo had to face her fear of clowns for a red hood spy face reveal. That was after Matt and Rebecca tried to figure out which youtuber squad tried to break into our house. Now they are on lock down in an abandoned bowling Alley searching for a safe with a memory ball. Thanks to the Zamfam we have found it but there are clowns trying to trap us. Matt tries to escape but can’t get out without a key. Maddie’s best friend informs us that we need to find the protocol list in order to escape. Everyone splits up and Rebecca has to face her biggest fear of clowns. We still have one more guess and think that BBI is Zoe. After we unlock everything Rebecca turns the tables and locks the clowns upstairs by pranking them. It was funny and Rebecca actually likes clowns now. When they escape down the back door using the secret code, the best friend is ready to do a face reveal. Rebecca and Maddie guess its Zoe and she starts to take off her mask! Finally we know who it is. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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