Lie Detector Test Reveals he is the Real Game Master! (GM Face Reveal) Matt and Rebecca

Lie Detector Test Reveals he is the Real Game Master! (GM Face Reveal) Matt and Rebecca on The

Matt is the Real Game Master!

Rebecca Zamolo and Daniel Spy on her husband for 24 hours to find the truth. They overhear a secret meeting and conversation with the game master and the red hood in an underground location. When the game master finally does a face reveal that is when they realize it was Matt this whole time. They chase her husband and finally catch him. It almost turns into a battle royale. Rebecca decides to take Matt back to the safe house to give him a lie detector test. When they give him the mixture they find out he is not a liar. He admits he made a mask as a disguise to protect the game master. The Red hood gave Matt a date of the next event. It sounds like it was called Project Vy or V? Daniel tries to solve the clues but needs more time. Daniel tries to hack into the quadrant system but is unable to complete the challenge. Daniel and Rebecca admit they followed Matt to several locations and confront him about cheating. It was all to create a distraction for the quadrant so they couldn’t attend the secret meeting. Do you think Matt did the right thing when he tried tricking the Red Hood? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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