Last to Leave the Giant Block of Ice Wins Challenge! Matt and Rebecca

Last to Leave the Giant Block of Ice Wins Challenge! Matt and Rebecca on The

Recently tried the Don’t Choose The Wrong Snow Slide Challenge to Save RZ Twin! That was right after Matt and Rebecca then uploaded saying yes to my enemy for 24 hours challenge to get Mr. X to work with us. The Game Master network learned RZ Twin is missing and we are worried the Kingpin hypnotized her. Now in order to find the missing key to open the device that might destroy Rebecca’s twin, we will have to melt the ice as quick as possible. In order to trick Matt’s best friend into working with us we have to make it into a challenge. If we can melt the ice and get the key inside we might be able to save RZ Twin. However two RHS members came to the house looking for the device. Rebecca thinks quickly and pulls the biggest prank to make them think they found the device. While playing an extreme game of hide and seek can we rescue RZ twin. Also, can we trust Matt’s new best friend. He is acting a little sus. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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