Last to Fall Upside Down Wins $10,000 Challenge! Matt and Rebecca

Last to Fall Upside Down Wins $10,000 Challenge! Matt and Rebecca on The

Matt and Daniel try to rescue Rebecca Zamolo by playing the last to fall upside down challenge wins $10,000 and who wins is SHOCKING!

Last to Drop iPhone Wins $10,000 Challenge in Hawaii! **Worst Idea**

After the Rebecca was hypnotized by the Game Master incorporated she tried being a mermaid for 24 hours but in public. The Game Master and Rocky think that she needs to do big videos and drink the mixture to help get her back to normal. So today just like Carter Sharer they are doing an epic challenge. In order for the mixture to take full effect Rebecca needs to hang upside down. Hopefully she won’t keep seeing people or imagining that the GMI are there. Before they compete in this challenge they must see who can last the longest on the gymnastics rings. Rebecca wins but they trick her into playing again. Shortly after Matt and Daniel make up a new challenge on the swing into the sand. Matt wins and has the best advantage. Rebecca keeps on thinking a mystery man is watching her and spying but we see nothing. Daniel is the first to fall. Now it is a husband vs wife challenge for $10,000. After Matt falls Rebecca wins and runs away. It turns into a chase and Rebecca is the fastest. Then RZ twin shows up and surprises Matt and Daniel with a mystery box. Will they be able to rescue Rebecca? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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